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Northeast (Reagan) Community School Project

Northeast (Reagan) Community School Project 2019-11-06T19:07:04-06:00

reagan-community-school-initiative-austin-voicesIn October 2014, Austin Voices, in partnership with Education Austin, began an innovative project to expand the Community School model from Webb Middle School and Reagan High School into the entire Reagan feeder pattern/vertical team.

With funding support from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Innovation Fund and the National Education Association (NEA), AVEY worked six campuses on community school planning: Reagan HS, Webb MS, Barrington ES, Brown ES, Hart ES and Pickle ES. Dobie Middle School also began a community school planning process. Under a new grant from the TEA in 2018, AVEY, AISD, AVID and EcoRise are supporting the growth of community schools through the remaining vertical team campuses, calling the joint project NACER.

Planning for first-round schools has included:

  • Planning dinners for parents, students, teachers and community
  • Focus groups of parents and teachers
  • Monthly planning meeting with partner organizations
  • Monthly meetings of a campus Community School planning team
  • Teacher and parent surveys
  • Comprehensive Family Need Surveys
  • Academic, Behavior and Attendance data
  • Community data, including health, housing, and safety

Webb Middle School will be the first school to present its new Community School plan to the AISD Board of Trustees on Feb. 15, 2016. Other first-round campuses will present during Spring, 2016. See AVEY Events Calendar for upcoming dates.


More About the Reagan Community School Initiative:

Webb MS Detailed Community School Guide (Campus Improvement Plan 2015-2016)

Coming Soon: Webb MS Detailed Community School Guide (Campus Improvement Plan 2015-’16)