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Community Schools

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Since 1990, school improvement framework called “community schools” has emerged nationally as a way to strengthen neighborhood schools. Today, over 5,000 schools identify themselves as community schools.

Austin Voices for Education and Youth Community Schools Child Holding I Love My School Poster RallyCommunity schools embrace the idea that parents, teachers, administrators, local government, nonprofits and community partners should help plan and improve neighborhood schools, creating a community around the school to make sure that the school is doing well.

This approach has successfully turned around struggling schools both nationally and in Texas. Locally, Austin Voices has partnered with Austin ISD to create two high-functioning community schools at Webb Middle School and Reagan Early College High School. Both campuses were on the verge of closure in 2007-08, but have now made nationally-recognized turnarounds using community school strategies. Currently, Austin Voices is working with 13 campuses to support community school development and priorities.

Elements of a Community School:

  • A welcoming campus serving as a Community Hub
  • Engaging High-Quality and Enriching Academic Programs
  • College, Career and Service Focus
  • Shared Planning by Teachers, Students, Administrators, Parents and Community Members
  • Community Partnerships Supporting the needs of the school
  • Coordinated Social Supports for Families and Students
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities (After School and Summer)
  • Strong Early Childhood Programs

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