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Parent Leadership Training

Parent Leadership Training 2018-01-03T12:37:21-06:00

Austin Voices works with campus Parent Support Specialists to help parents grow as advocates for their children’s education.

parent-leadership-training-community-schools-leader-austin-voicesTrainings include:

  • The Right Question Project

    Over the past seven years, Austin Voices has trained hundreds of parents using a national evidence-based strategy called the Right Question Project. This parent engagement strategy teaches parents how to support, monitor and advocate for their children using a question formulation strategy. Parents who complete the program are equipped to navigate the complexities of school, and to get the information they need to make informed decisions for their children.

    During each RQP session, parents practice formulating questions around a particular topic of interest, such as attendance, college access, special education, or homework. Parents also practice becoming presenters and facilitators, and many have gone on to lead RQP sessions for other parents. The Right Question Project is offered in English and Spanish.

    Contact Julie Weeks at for information about bringing this curriculum to your campus.

  • Parent Ambassadors

    In 2014-15, Austin Voices worked with parents from the Eastside Memorial Vertical Team to develop a team of “Parent Ambassadors,” who became equipped to go out into the community with information about the many programs and opportunities at EMVT schools. Parents began by receiving Right Question Project training, and then developed questions for campus leaders at the elementary, middle and high school level. The team then visited and toured campuses, including the Allan Early Childhood and STEM Resource Center.

    For information about developing a Parent Ambassadors program at your campus, contact Gabriel Estrada at

  • parent-leadership-training-community-schools-austin-voicesSchool Improvement Teams

    Austin Voices believes that parents need to be involved in authentic ways in any and all school improvement efforts. Working in the Reagan, Lanier and Eastside Memorial Vertical Teams, Austin Voices involves parents in Community School planning through dinners, surveys and planning teams.

    For information about how to involve parents in school improvement planning, contact Julie Weeks at

  • Other Trainings through AVEY Family Resource Centers

    Austin Voices offers a number of other supports for parents, including Love and Logic classes, training in Gradespeed, adult education (ESL, GED, Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy), nutrition and other topics. Many of these trainings are offered in collaboration with the campus Parent Support Specialist and community partners.

    For more information about parent training through AVEY Family Resource Centers, contact Julie Weeks at