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Community School Trainings and Workshops

Community School Trainings and Workshops 2017-10-03T22:08:30-05:00

Austin Voices will work with your campus, school district or community organization to plan a workshop or other kind of training around developing a community school.

Possibilities include:

  • Community Schools 101:

    The Community School model is turning around schools in Austin and around the country. Learn the elements of a community school and how teachers, parents, students and community can build an amazing school together.

  • community-schools-trainings-workshops-austin-voicesHow to Start a Community School:

    What is the process for planning a community school, recruiting partners, finding resources, and connecting supports with academics?

  • Coordinated Student and Family Supports:

    Community Schools effectively organize internal and external supports to make sure that barriers to student learning are reduced. Learn how Family Resource Centers and Community School Coordinators organize partners into an effective system that serves the needs of a particular school and community.

  • How to Hold an Effective Community Planning Meeting:

    At the heart of developing a Community School are the many meetings where stakeholders contribute ideas that become the building blocks of a Community School plan. Learn ways to make sure that everyone, including teachers, students, parents and community members are able to contribute and plan together effectively.

  • Creating a Community Survey and Needs Assessment:

    Over the years, Austin Voices has created a number of school and community needs assessments, asset maps, and community guidebooks. We can help you through the process of matching the strategic needs of your students to the many supports your community has to offer.

  • Sustaining a Community School:

    How do you build a Community School that lasts beyond a particular campus leader or community champion? Learn how Community Schools become sustainable through building effective systems, shared leadership and a collaborative culture.

  • Funding Community Schools:

    By definition, Community Schools is a financially efficient model, leveraging existing campus and community resources. Still, funding is usually needed for expanding services, campus coordination and academic programming. Learn best practices used around the country to develop funding support through partnership.

To schedule a workshop, contact AVEY Executive Director Allen Weeks at

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National organizations such as the Coalition for Community Schools and the National Center for Community Schools also offer trainings. In particular, the Coalition hosts a national forum every two years that brings together Community School practicioners from across the country.