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AVEY Helps Launch New Allan Early Childhood Center

Since Fall 2013, AVEY has been facilitating planning for the former Allan Elementary building. An Early Childhood Center is underway, with adult classes and a STEM Resource Center in the works.

The use of the building is the result of AVEY-led community meetings and a community school task force in 2013-14. The Early Childhood Center currently has 3 Child Inc. Head Start classes with 51 students, with more classes being added soon. AVANCE and the Literacy Coalition will begin offering programming for parents and young children in Spring 2015. Other partners, including Skillpoint Alliance, are planning adult education programs and STEM summer camps this year. Also, the AISD Parent Support office has moved to Allan.

Starting in 2015-16, a new STEM Resource Center, including support staff, will open to serve all of the schools in the Eastside Memorial Vertical Team.

The building will also be used to house community meetings and events. Already, Austin Voices has sponsored a community movie night and holiday luncheon for parents.

Planning groups for early childhood, STEM and strengthening middle school programming have all emerged from the community process. These teams, facilitated by AVEY, are open to organizations and local community members who would like to support the vision of Allan as a center of education and community engagement for the Eastside area.

Thanks to Dr. Paul Cruz and his staff, including Jacquie Porter, Director of Early Childhood Education, as well as the Schools Office and local principals and staff for their spirit of partnership with the local community on this project.

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